Caravan Mattress


A special size mattress for your caravan, boat or static caravan can be quite difficult to source due to the unusual sizes that are required. We give you the perfect solution to your caravan or boat mattress needs. Our Customised Mattresses are suitable for any odd size and any type of caravan.

Our Caravan Mattresses gives you unbeatable value and convenience.

Caravan Mattress Campbellfield

We have a huge selection of sizes available. We can supply almost
any size of mattress. allowing you to take no compromise to your comfort and your precious sleep.


• Bonnell Springs
• Laminated Premium Foam Pads
• All New Materials

Travelling in a caravan is like having a house on the move. You can travel to different settlements with all the comforts of your house with you. What makes a travelling caravan the most comfortable is a caravan mattress that helps you sleep well and wake up refreshed. You can contact Bedman for such comfortable caravan mattresses when planning your next journey.

Bedman provides high quality caravan mattress Campbellfield and caravan mattress Thomastown for the residents of Victoria, Australia. Bedman offers a wide variety of caravan mattresses, including:

  • Pillow-top caravan mattress
  • Bolster caravan mattress
  • Standard caravan mattress
  • Caravan mattress with custom measurements

With a huge variety of caravan mattresses available in all sizes and corner shapes, there is no traveller who will not find a caravan mattress of his or her choice at Bedman. The different sizes of caravan mattresses available at Bedman include single bed caravan mattress, double bed caravan mattress and queen sized caravan mattress. Size of the caravan is no more an issue. With Bedman customizations, you can get the most comfortable mattress in your caravan without cramping up in space.

Caravan Mattress Thomastown

What makes Bedman caravan mattresses so comfortable and durable are all the new materials, procured from the best brands, used in the making of the mattress. The steel Bonnell springs and the laminated premium foam pads used make your sleep experience in the caravan peaceful and relaxing.

When choosing caravan mattresses, we recommend that you stay away from choices of Latex, polyester and nylon as they create heat and mould and can get smelly due to the closed environment. Moreover, these mattresses are not very comfortable either and offer little support to the body for a refreshing sleep. If you are worried about the weight of the mattress and the effect on fuel consumption, we suggest that you do not choose latex and pocket caravan mattresses.

If you are not located in Victoria, Melbourne, we can arrange for your caravan mattress to be delivered to you in Campbellfield and Thomastown, using the most cost-effective freight option.

For plush, lightweight and flexible caravan mattresses, contact Bedman mattresses direct today. If you are unable to find what you are looking for or need help in deciding what to buy for your caravan, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you. Contact us today for an unparalleled caravan sleeping experience: